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David Gottfried is a catalyst for transformation. His work has impacted the global building industry more than almost any other, having founded both the U.S. Green Building Council and World Green Building Council, with GBCs in over 100 countries comprising about 15 billion square feet of green buildings.

Gottfried’s work tenure has included real estate development, construction management, building ownership and property management, strategic consulting, network management, venture start-ups, book author and integrative medicine. Learn more ->

Gottfried earned his degree in Engineering Management from Stanford University, where he serves as a regular lecturer.

Gottfried has written three distinguished memoirs, with his latest work, Explosion Green, published in June 2014. He recently expanded his creativity into modern art painting. His work combines many elements of nature, light, relationship duality and hope. Learn more here ->

Gottfried has two annual awards given out in his name. They include: the World Green Building Council Global Green-building Entrepreneur Award and the Northern California USGBC Super Hero Special Achievement Award. Read more ->

He lives with his family in Berkeley, CA. His wife, Sara Gottfried, MD is a renown global hormone expert and her visionary book, The Hormone Cure, was a New York Times bestseller along with her latest book, The Hormone Reset Diet.